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Short Film

Un Film de Cédric & Johan Robin      Musique: Harald Ansorge     Image et Montage: Johan & Cédric Robin     1999-2018  Super 8/16 mm & Video

Length: 14 Min. 55 Sec.    Black & White

Storyline: „After the disappearance of countries and borders, the Gas Mask Dictatorship began to establish.



Info material / Press material:

The wall had recently fallen but traces of the GDR could still be
found everywhere: Russian barracks, abandoned broken places,
watchtowers, and a lot of gas masks and uniforms.

A film was shot in four different countries spread over 20 years.

It was shot on Super 8mm, 16mm, and various video formats such as Hi8,
VHS-C, Betacam, DV...

The main character was played by 5 different actors and more than 100 extras.

One last edit of the film „Fractal“ was done in 2018, with new added material.

Locations: women's prison in Croatia (under Tito), landing zone Utah Beach in Normandy (France), RAW Berlin (Now Urban Spree), Russian barracks in Karlshorst (East-Berlin), area around Ostbahnhof (East Berlin train station)…


Ozon Destroy Smoke This

Short Film 02:15

SKZ short Film
Experimental Film about Ozon and Smoking
Music: Harald Ansorge

Gun's and Vodka

A Short Film by Johan & Cédric Robin

"when they'll walk through your bedroom with their Butcher Knifes then you will know the truth"

Music: Gamaboy

Film time code Gun's & Vodka.jpeg
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