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The East in perpetual motion

When the GDR collapsed many facilities were abandoned and an eclectic mix of materials were left behind. SEZ was a swimming pool in East Berlin used for training competitive swimmers. The training would often be recorded in 16mm film and reviewed by the swimmers and coaches. The technique of the 'endless loop' was used to analyze and improve the performance of the swimmers.

The endless loop is a circle; rotation; perpetual movement.

The gaze is fixed on an unbroken sequence of images.

The principle of the 'loop' is repetition; as upsetting as it is beautiful. 

We are disturbed by the never changing cadence. At the same time we are drawn, fascinated, by the ever greater detail revealed through watching the series of redundant images. 

Schwimmer - Turmspringer 1.jpeg
Schwimmer - Turmspringer.jpeg

Loop 16mm. Eröffnung Volksbad Jena 2007.

DDR Schwimmer beim Training und Wettbewerb.

An Endless Loop?

Shape : circle 

Motion : rotation 

Duration : perpetual




Rotation: Armes, body, the reels, the machine itself. 

Perpetual: Repition, endless.

Rave festival in Brandenburg

Nation of Gondwana

„ Nation of Gondwada“

16mm Installation “les nageurs”

Neun 16MM Projektoren sind auf zwei Stockwerken eines 5 Meter hohen Turmes verteilt.

Die Maschinen  der 2. Etage  sind auf einer Drehbühne und Projizieren auf eine 40Meter lange Leinwand auf 30 Meter Entfernung.

Schwimmer - Nation Of Godwana 1.jpeg

Rave Festival zwischen Hamburg und Berlin

Woov Experience 2001

Installation „Les nageurs

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