Tel: +4917641194642

Vorname: Johan

Name: Robin


Career / Education:

1986 Baccalauréat/Abitur, Lycée Saint Elisabeth, Nancy, France

1987 Soldier in West Berlin

1995 Intensive course DIRECTORY and CAMERA at the "Kaskeline Film Academy", Berlin

1999 Training cinema projectionist Arsenal KIno & Kant kino Berlin

2002 Intensive training AVID-CUTTER on Mediacomposer DSAB, Berlin

2004 Training as QUANTEL OPERATOR on Q-EDIT PRO A-Medialynx, Berlin

2007 Training FINALCUTPRO-EDITOR at Bilgi Interface GmbH, Berlin

2012 Training Premiere Pro


Important projects / exhibitions:

2021 Residency in Cux Haven Film & Exhibition Presentation  "Davaj - Voyage"

2021 Stayhome Project include 3 Movie about Corona Pandemic

2020 Participation at Mo&Friese Film festival Hamburg "Dobrota" (Short version)

2020 Participation at Film festival Visualis St Petersburg "Dobrota"

2020 Lange Nacht der Bilder, B.L.O. Atelier Berlin with Live Act "Badman City“

2020 Participation at Boddinale Filmfestival Berlin with the film "Badman City"

2019 Residency in Cux Haven Film Presentation "Dobrota"

2019 Exhibition Open/Offen House 104 Tempelhoferfeld "Badman City"

2019 Exhibition 48h Neukölln Berlin "Badman City"

2019 Participation at Boddinale Filmfestival Berlin with the film "FRACTAL"

2018 Shooting short film "Badman City", London (England)

2018 Performance in Academy of Fine Arts Munich "Terra or a Dice Play"

2018 Participation at Open Eyes Film Festival, Marburg with the film "Urbs"

2017 Short Film OranGino "Quotidien répété..." (France)

2017 Exhibition at Galerie Zeitzone Berlin "Fractality"

2017 Shooting  Short Film "Urbs", Tokyo (Japan)

2016 Video clip "OranGino in Berlin"

2016 Shooting experimental film "TERRA", Kaliningrad (Russia)

2013 Live show "Rainald Grebe Halleluja Berlin" in the Wuhlheide

2010 Exhibition in gallery "Schizzotempel", Berlin

2009 Pilot Film René Marik "Geld her oder Gaage" 

2007 DVD René Marik Autschn Berlin

2007 Exhibition "The swimmers", Jena (Germany)

2006 Participation at Tromanale Filmfestival Berlin with the film "Wasserschlacht"

2006 Radau in concert at Tacheles, Berlin, for the Tromanale Film Festival 2006, Berlin

2005 Street action in Berlin by SKZ "Akt XY", Berlin

2003 "BRAINBARK Klein Werkschau" organized by Kulturring Friedrichshain, Berlin

2002 Performance at the "Bateau Phare" Paris (France)

2001 video / film installation "Nation of Godwana" (Germany)

2000 Exhibition Minibar Schreiner Str. "www.boredom

1999 Exhibition / Performance Storkowerbrücke Berin

1998 Short film "Fractal / Sortie comdamnée" Germany, France, Croatia

1996 Short Film "Gun's and Vodka" Berlin

1995 Short film "Gaz Mask and Cognac" Berlin

Awards / Prizes:

2013 Best Live Show "Rainald Grebe Halleluja Berlin" in the Wuhlheide"

2010 double board DVD "Rene Marik Autschn

1999 Best Short Film movie explosion Berlin