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Documentary (Trailer Version) 30 sec

The Russian artist Anja Tchepets and the French filmmaker Johan Robin, both living in Berlin, initiated and carried out the project "DOBROTA / KINDNESS": A cooperation of Russian and German children and teenagers with and without disabilities in the form of workshops. At the end of this project, several animated films were produced, which are parts of a 23-minute documentary film.

The day care centre for children with disabilities "Bernsteinbrückchen" in Sovetsk/Tilsit is located in the northern part of the former German province of East Prussia, which belongs to Russia today. This centre was founded on the initiative of German doctor Karin Plagemann, a native of Tilsit. In this facility, children with disabilities are cared for and supported by educational specialists. The children experience a community like any other school or kindergarten child and do not live only in their parents' house as before.

Film by Johan Robin & Anja Tchepets     Music: Harald Ansorge     Image et Montage: Johan Robin     2019 Ger / Fr / Ru 23min

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